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Hippoface is dedicated to providing original and innovative marketing tactics combined with artistic designs to enhance our client's endeavors in a straight forward but pioneering approach. Everyone wants to be noticed in some way and if they tell you they don’t, they're lying.

Products and Services

Design – Complete graphic design studio that can develop a concept, create the specific art depending on the final media and complete the project by having the item produced.

Marketing – Direct and assist the customer in the art of Inbound Marketing. Design or enhance an existing website for optimization through proven S.E.O. techniques. Develop specific Calls-to-Actions to find Marketing Qualified Sales Leads (MQSL). Write or edit specific blogs for their industry with an emphasis on educating and not selling their clientele. Develop a working social media and e-mail marketing plan. Combine all of these actions into a concise and consistent inbound campaign that’s goal is to increase website traffic and move their MQSL through the sales funnel. Develop all of these concepts into a multi-step and long term marketing plan that promotes brand awareness wile advocating a clear and consistent message.

Production – Sometimes it takes a real strategic partner to develop and implement the best possible strategy in the production of single or multi-faceted jobs. We have decades of design and print experience at your disposal. If you're interested in saving thousands on your production costs, then you might want to look into our Hippo5 program.