Creating that Unique Presentation Package

unique presentation packageRecently, we were asked by an engineering firm to come up with a concept for packaging one of their division’s services, geological comparison software. The engineering firm produced a software package that did soil and geology based work with software that was used by their customers in evaluating terrain and subsurface geology. This software package used a dongle for continued operation and along with accompanying corporate literature would be sent to purchasing clients. The complete software package would be mailed to their customer and as of right now this meant placing the dongle in a padded manila envelope complete with a string and circle tag attached. The dongle or thumb drive was small and the accompanying literature could be designed to fit any space or size that would make the presentation package that unique experience they were looking for. The overall governing issues to this project would be the quantities that would be ordered. The engineering firm would place or sell only 25-50 of these software packages a year. Producing a sui generis package that was cost effective meant that it couldn’t be printed, die cut, addressed, and mailed in such low quantities. We had to go digital and it had to be pre-die cut.


Mohawk Specialty Digital line was our Johnny Bravo, it fit the suit. We designed a wrap around full color geological vista with soil and rock layers to a 4” x 4” cube. An image of a cement slab complete with logos adorned the box top. A small screened white panel on one of the sides would be suitable for the mailing address. A return address above the mailing address completed the box. The address panel could be variable addressed at the time of printing, keeping the production down to a single pass through the digital press. Two pieces of convoluted foam sheets were cut to provide stability and structure for the mail piece. The dongle would fit snugly and quite safely between the 4” x 4” pieces of foam. The accompanying literature was placed on top of the piece and fastened with a small piece of clear cellophane tape and postage affixed. A $1.95 postage stamp would send the box to any location in the United States via first class mail. The piece was shrink-wrapped and mailed. Because we were using stamps produced on-line through, the stamps did not have to be cancelled and could be covered by the clear film.

unique gifts and business presenationshipping ways to be different

Production of the piece was a facile and uncomplicated process. With an online template available, the design and set up of the piece progressed efficiently. The 12” x 18” parent sheet ran in a single pass through our digital press and the piece, complete with address, was soon ready for finishing. Popping the box from the parent sheet might have brought back memories of punching out play pieces from Johnny Bravo’s time but the process was brief. The box assembled quickly and was ready to receive the convoluted foam sheets, dongle and company literature.


This specialty digital line certainly would not have been the answer, if the quantities were in the thousands due to the labor involved but these specialty stocks seem to be the answer for short run full color unique packaging solutions. The Mohawk Specialty Digital Line has a multitude of dimensional, embedded, magnet, pressure sensitive and synthetic stock available in low quantities for a slew of applications.

slew of applications

Unique packaging can be a complicated adventure and a coordination nightmare with all of its various parts but the end result can be well worth the effort. Hippoface can help you create a killer package for that next project or event.