Using Direct Mail to Compliment Inbound Marketing

How to Integrate your Inbound Marketing Strategies with Traditional Direct Mail.


It is not surprising that you have spent a considerable amount of time designing and testing your landing page for your next marketing campaign but if nobody lands on it then we have"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound", scenario. Not to take away from this philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and knowledge of reality but if no one sees your landing page, it’s clearly not going to work. Driving traffic or precisely Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to your landing pages is what in turn increases sales. Don’t be resistant to publish the landing page’s URL in print media or a well designed and targeted mail piece.


The amount of information that is available though purchased data bases is staggering. Whether your targets are Businesses or individual consumers, these lists are extremely accurate and economical to purchase or rent when compared to list that offer e-mails. E-mail list are notorious for being outdated and extremely expensive. Add this to 30% or greater attrition rate per year for e-mails and it becomes obvious that purchasing an e-mail list is clearly a tree falling in a remote forest. Captured e-mails from your Calls-to-Action via your landing pages will fair better than a purchased list. This stands to reason since they are being supplied by your customer at the time of action. It is however important to keep all e-mails, even the ones captured by your offers up to date, purging those that are no longer valid or have been hard bounced.


The same best practices that are used for your e-mail, blogs, social media and landing pages still need to be followed when creating these offers and exposing them through direct mail. Segment and categorize your list by personas and speak to them in their language. You will have to be a little creative when assigning personas to a purchased list but with the amount of information that is available for each household or business, a rough persona can be gleamed from the data.


When creating your mail piece use some of the same best practices that you used for the landing page.

  • The offer must provide value. Be aware of the different stages of the buying process. Since most of the leads that you will purchase are probably in the initial stage of the buying process make sure that the landing page and offer associated with it, reflects this.
    • Convey the offer clearly
    • What is being offered
    • What the benefits are
    • Why they need it
  • How to get this offer. More than likely, this is going to be through the landing page’s URL, so be cognoscente of this when creating the URL. Create a URL that is not too long and is easily remembered when typing in a browser. If using a page that is already published and its associated URL is unimaginably long, think about shorting it though “Tinyurl” or another like application
  • Convey the offer in 3 ways
    • Use a header to show what you will receive and how to get that amazing offer
    • Clearly explain the offer in 1–3 sentences and keep the offers to one idea
    • Visually communicate the offer with stunning images that have a clear and precise impact relating to the offer.

Creating that unique mail piece that features and compliments your landing page not only opens the door to new prospects but can also be used to pound your message home in a hard and hold able piece to all of your contacts. The more exposure any marketing campaign can gain, whether through on-line clicks or via conventional mail pieces, will only serve to increase awareness.