Target Your Buyer Personas with all Your Marketing

Take Aim with your Marketing Munitions

2015 marketingAny campaign, whether it’s a military objective or a new marketing plan has to start with knowing who your customers or adversaries are, along with clear goals or objectives in mind. Knowing who you want to reach, were you want to go, and the time that this will take, is the first leg in any marketing venture. Only when specific goals are outlined, can you then begin to plan on how to attack and obtain your objective. In both of these types of campaigns, the lack of specific goals can negatively affect the overall success of the campaign. Strategies that are attached to specific personas and goals, when they are realistic, are the benchmarks of a sound marketing campaign. Unlike in a military campaign, where the outcomes can re-write history and cause the loss of life, marketing objectives, although a bit more reserved, are still essential. Without a clear and measurable starting and end target clearly defined, one can easily get lost and not see any real improvement. What can be far worse is actually gaining in market share but not being able to measure your achievements. If you are unable to define the metrics of your campaign with their respected gains or losses, then it is impossible to know what is working and more importantly what is not.

Start by Defining your Target Market

Define your Buyer

Determine who your ideal customer is and speak directly to them. Create a detailed buyer persona for each type of customer that you have. These personas are a fictional representation of these ideal customers and can help you refine your marketing strategies.

Most companies will have between 1 – 5 personas. To make things a bit more manageable, just concentrate on one or two personas to start. Buyer personas will help in all aspects of your marketing and they should be considered when writing or creating the following:

  • Keyword Strategy - Website, blogs, s.e.o, etc.
  • Blog Post - Write in the language of your persona
  • Offers - What is your persona looking for
  • CTAs - Calls-to action, their sole purpose is drive traffic
  • Landing Pages - Pages that speak to your persona
  • Thank You Pages - Good places to feature additional or new offers
  • Lead Nurturing - Leads that match your ideal customers will drive sales
  • New Services - Will these help your persona's pain points

Buyer personas focus your activities. A well researched and defined persona will help in getting the right traffic and leads to your website or landing pages.

Common FAQs on Buyer Personas

  • They help every company, regardless of the type of business
  • They are mostly created through research
  • Most companies have between 1 – 5 personas
  • They take time and effort to complete and can evolve over time

Clearly Develop and Write your Goals for the Upcoming Campaign

  • Develop a True and Smart Marketing Goal – Every marketing campaign needs a goal to judge its success.
  • Be Specific – Visits to a website, increase in leads or customers
  • Measurable – Provide numbers, start to finish
  • Attainable – Understand Benchmarks (time, money, length)
  • Relevant – Relates back to overall goals and the persona that you are trying to reach
  • Timely – Include a time-frame but also be precise

Smart Goal Example – Increase website visits by 50% (5,000 per month to 7,500 per month) by September 30TH, 2014

Marketing campaigns can be a complicated adventure and a coordinating nightmare with all of its various parts but the end results can be well worth the effort. Hippoface can help you create a killer campaign and start turning those prospects to leads and ultimately into sales.