Integrated Student Data Collection Tool

Help your school district save time, money and end key stroke mistakes. Hippoface Marketing & Design is expanding their web based integrated student data collection services with fully functional and customized sites that are secure and built exclusively for your school district. The ISDC site will pay for itself with lower printing and labor costs associated with keying in student data.

Stop sending students home with mountains of paperwork on the first day of school, not to mention having to manually key stroke all of the data back into your school’s software. With your new web based collection tool, all of your students' data (Just the data that you wish to provide) is all pre-populated into the system. You collect as much or as little information from your students’ parents or guardians according to your district’s policies. With your new ISDC site you can then export this data before the school year even starts and then upload in a compatible format for your district’s student software. Your district can be up to date and ready before the first day of school.

How the site works

When a parent or guardian keys in their students name and password (supplied by us) they are usually greeted with a welcome page. This page serves to let parents know about the upcoming school year and about the new student data site. Parents are instructed to continue through the site with their student because they will have to read the school’s student handbook and then check off that they have done so. If your district has multiple handbooks only the handbook that is relevant to each student will be displayed for their review. Internet and computer usage policies are displayed for review or printing and the student (and parents) must then check off that they fully understand and have read all appropriate material for their grade level. Each level or what has to be reviewed by the students or parents is completely up to you.

Once the parent and students confirm that they have read the districts policies they are then prompted to the information center. All of the student’s information will be pre-populated to the site. Your district will determine which boxes can be edited, which ones are restricted and of course which fields are mandatory. Some districts allow address changes while others do not. You decide on how much information will be collected. Some districts collect primary physician and dentist names and numbers while others do not. This system is completely customized for your district and your district's emergency contact policies.

At any time from your ISDC tool, you can request a list of parents who have not entered or completed the information for their child. Reminder e-mails or other notifications can be sent through your alert system, prompting the parents or guardians to visit your site and provide the information that your district needs to collect.



  • Reduce districts costs while increasing accuracy when collecting student data
  • Reduce printing costs with online student handbooks and internet policies read by the students online and verified with their check box
  • Increase student interaction with your district’s website
  • Have complete and up to date information before the school year begins.
  • Only collect the information that you need in accordance with your district's policies.
  • Eliminate the hassle and the time in key stroking the information manually into your school's system

Please feel free to demo the site or call one of our representatives. We would love the opportunity to discuss our site and the benefits that it can provide to your school district. Lock in your Student Data Collection Costs for 2016-17 School Year with Just a Response on the Form to the Right. There's No Obligation For You to Participate, Just for Us to provide a Quality Student Information Collection Tool, at a Reasonable Price!

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