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Imagine if the agency or print provider you were using was working for you and not for profit. Envision projects planned and executed to completion with only your costs and deadlines the only concern. Agencies and print providers work on margins tied to the cost of the projects that they oversee, remove the incentive of mark-ups and you get a provider that will be truly working for you.

Hippoface is like any other business in that we have to make a profit, we just don’t do it at your expense. We do business a bit different. For a monthly retainer, based on your yearly production cost, we will handle your design, printing and web production at wholesale trade prices plus 10%. If you would like to see just how much this could save you, we'll let a free no obligation estimate tell the story. You will be surprised on just how much your jobs are being bumped or marked up.

Stop paying for someone else’s bottom line and hire a strategic partner that cares about your bottom line.

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