Stand Out with your Gift

Vacation Bad GiftsAs the holiday season approaches we find ourselves reviewing the past year, realizing how vital our customers are to our survival. Of course we have thanked them for their orders throughout the year, and now as the year comes to its final month we contemplate if there should be something else. Gift baskets and unique items are a way of saying thanks for the orders but more importantly they are a way to keep our brand in front of the person who is placing the orders. Gifts that are a commodity in nature are just that, dead common.  There is a time and a place for pens, pads, magnets and calendars, but during the holiday season they will only blend in. Let’s face it, a “thank you” is appropriate but we’re marketing here. That is to say, stand out and stand tall with your gift. The last thing we want to do is blend in with the masses, as Mr. Frank Shirley of Christmas Vacation so aptly stated  “Put it over there with the others, Greaseball."

1. Wine

Nothing says “thanks” like a bottle of merriment. Make sure to include a personalized label with your brand, because these bottles tend to be displayed on the desk of the receiver. Co-workers and possible new prospects with corporate cash to spend next year will take notice and this gift truly can keep giving throughout the year. Even if the intended recipient is not the wine consuming type, this is a gift that will be re-gifted as opposed to being thrown away.

2. Cookies

Cookies, premium cookies, not your kitchen’s cookie cutter nightmares but quality sealed confectionery, make a wonderful gift. Cookies that are branded in a personalized box can be purchased in bulk and split up into smaller and more economical packages to reach more individual clients. This is a corporate gift that tends to be shared within the entire office; everyone from top to bottom will see your name.

3. Chocolate

Quality over quantity is the only real rule when dealing with chocolate. Cheap chocolate is bad chocolate and this is not an image that you want to portray. Good chocolate, like the cookie, can be purchased in bulk and branded in small personalized boxes to delight your customers. Chocolate, unlike the cookie, will not be shared but taken home to be enjoyed. So brand only the box, not the piece.

4. Golf Balls

Even if the majority of your customers are women, golf balls are still a great year end gift. Women are the largest growing segment of new golfers and a sleeve of Titleist with your personalized brand on the box will not go unnoticed. If she doesn’t golf, chances are good she knows someone else who does.

5. Candles

This is one item where you can go to an off brand. Scented candles and the sales associated with them is a recession free business. Their popularity amongst the masses shows no sign of waning in the near or distant future. Basically, candles sell, so it makes perfect sense to give them as gifts.

6. Gift Cards

When you are at a loss for that perfect year end “Thank You”, try a gift card. This doesn’t have to be as expensive as it might seem. A $5.00 Starbucks card wrapped in a personalized fold over card with the inscription, “Enjoy a Cup of Coffee on Us”, will do. Nobody throws away gift cards, at least knowingly, so a gift card with a personalized cover can be the simplest way to get your name out in front of your customers at the end of the year.

7. Books

If a book exemplifies or compliments what you do, then a personalized copy can not only become a gift but teach as well. Combine the book with a personalized book plate and book mark to complete the package. Books that solve real problems your targeted customers might be having will be cherished, not to mention passed around the office.

Prom giftsSpend a little time before this Holiday Season is upon you and plan a real campaign that will thank and dazzle your customers. The goal here is simple, keep your name in front of the one who is buying what you are selling and have them toss your competitors bobbles.