Time to stop treating Facebook like the redheaded step child and look at it as the necessary evil that it truly is. Social media is changing the way businesses have to market their wares and these Social Media outlets continue to evolve and change with remarkable urgency. Staying on top of this curve has become careers for some and nightmares for companies that do not employ specific individuals as social media managers. The bigest changes for Facebook include the following 5 but we’ll look at only one in depth.

  • Star Ratings
  • Social Graph Search
  • Clickable Hashtags
  • Facebook Replies
  • Trending Topics

These are the 5 new changes that occurred in late 2013 or in 2014 that you need to be concerned about when keeping your Facebook or social media up-to-date. On the top of the list is Facebook's new Star Ratings. This rating process is similar to Yelp, the online Urban Rating Giant that has been slapping around restaurants for years. Facebook's Star Rating system has been available for quite some time too but in late 2013 Facebook placed this rating prominently just below the business name. This feature can be disabled but doing so can arise some questions in your user’s minds, questions that need not be asked and certainly not ones you would want to have to answer. No one ever deletes positive feedback or reviews!


Star Ratings are a helpful tool in measuring customer's satisfaction beyond the simple click of “like”.  Use the Star Ratings features to focus on obtaining qualitative feedback and begin to engage your fans and loyal customers by asking them to participate on your Facebook page and rate your business. The feedback from your customers or let’s face it, your revenue streams, is an invaluable source of information. How your customers feel, rate, and what they find complimentary or critical is always a useful metric to consider.


Getting those five star ratings doesn’t have to be a laborious chore. Start by doing what you do best, focus on your business. If you focus on your customer's satisfaction and not the ratings, the reviews will come. Resist the temptation to have employees skew the numbers with their own reviews, this is akin to cheating at golf. The public has become savvy with self-imposed reviews and this will just confuse the situation. The largest benefit, other then letting your customers know what a juggernaut you are in the industry, is the self analyzing and conclusions that you will draw from what you customers think. The following is directly from Facebook and their instructions on the review process.

How do I review a business on Facebook?

You can review some businesses (ex: restaurants, hotels) by going to their Page.

To review a business:

  1. Use the search bar to find their Page and click to select it
  2. Scroll down to Reviews on the right side of the Page's Timeline
  3. Click the gray stars to leave a rating and fill in an optional review
  4. Click to select your audience from the dropdown menu
  5. Click Review

Keep in mind that your review will appear on the Page and will be Public unless you change your audience. For example, if you select Friends as your audience, only your friends who visit the Page will see your review. To change your rating, click the stars.

Note: Reviews are not available on all Pages. A Page must add their address to allow reviews.